Shed recordings began as just that.  It was a shed that Eliott retreated to, to work on projects with his personal bands.  But that idea began to evolve.  Eliott realized that he had a passion for capturing the sounds of a multitude of voices.  He discovered that his drive was to offer affordable recording to the myriad of up and coming bands that were creating new music within the Nashville music scene.  From that idea, Shed Recordings was born, and the facility began to grow.  Shed Recordings has since been renovated and expanded to include multiple buildings which accommodate the needs of our recording artists.  Eliott Virula brings his enthusiasm for a multitude of differing music genres to life, by offering each band the opportunity to capture their unique sound within his studio.  Each new project creates an exciting new endeavor.  And Shed Recordings is ready to take on each new challenge.

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